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This template is built on the very powerful S5 Vertex Framework, which comes packed with amazing features! Learn More About Vertex...

Every template built on Vertex also comes with its own unique template specific options applicable to that particular template such as highlight colors, social icons, and much more. These features are in addition to the standard functions of Vertex, and are still controlled through the very user friendly interface of Vertex. This page will document the features specific to this template.

Theme Specific Configuration Interface of Vertex

Below is a screenshot that shows all the template specific features available in the user friendly Vertex admin:

Custom Highlight Colors

Stylize your site with any color you want. Set your own custom color scheme with the built in highlight color. These colors control menu items, titles, buttons, hover over effects, backgrounds, and more. You can set this color to any color that you want. Below is an example so you can see how this works. In addition to these color options, Vertex itself is loaded with background color and images options under the Main / Layout page in the template configuration.

Menu Styles

Choose between a solid menu type or an overlay/transparent style.

Uppercase Letters

Choose to enable or disable uppercase letters on most menu items, buttons, titles and more.

Hide Menu Arrows

With this option you can disable the menu item sub menu arrows on first level parent items.

Social Icons

Social icons are stylized for the custom_2 position. They are controlled through a custom html module, which is already included in the site shaper.

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